Personal borrowing and loans

Smart lending solutions made for your life

Vehicle loans

For a purchase as important as a new vehicle, you deserve peace of mind financing that won’t leave your wheels spinning. Borrow only as much as you need and finance a range of vehicles, including boats, motorhomes and more.

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RRSP loans

Maximize your RRSP contributions to save on your taxes and invest in your future, or catch up by utilizing your unused RRSP contribution room. Benefit from the tax savings and potential refund associated with a maximized contributions.

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Consolidation loans

Eliminate the struggle of balancing multiple debts, changing interest rates and different payment schedules by consolidating your debt into a single monthly payment and rate. Simplify your payment schedules and take comfort knowing you’re paying your debt down faster.

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Line of credit

Access funds when you need them most with this flexible and convenient solution. Manage your line of credit through a CWB chequing account with your debit card, cheques or online banking. Choose from a variety of monthly repayment options to fit what works for you.

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